Hi, I am Anaya and I am a freelance female photographer specialized in weddings, families, modeling and kids portraiture. I have also worked as a product photographer, retail photographer, school photographer and graduation photographer etc.

I have more than 5 years of experience working as a professional photographer. I have studied photography in United States and have worked there for 3 years as a freelance photographer with different studios and event management companies. I have also worked in Qatar and Pakistan as a wedding and event photographer. I have moved to Ireland 2 years ago and worked with several models and makeup artists. I am still familiarizing myself to Irish culture and heritage.

I believe that a photograph is a memory, when captured, is cherished and stays with us for years and generations to come.

I was always passionate about photography and using my skills in a creative manner to make myself and others happy. I still remember taking pictures from my father’s film camera, which after developing used to make everyone so insanely happy that I always forgot that I did not even had a single picture of mine in that roll. While growing up I kept on working on my creative skills along with my Masters degree in Business. I have pursued my career in customer services where I was working in a supervisory role efficiently. It was one fine summer when my husband got me a camera after learning about my enthusiasm for photography which made me realize what I really wanted. With his support and my hard work I was able to pursue a career in doing something that I really love.

Education & Work:

I started learning on my own by attending lectures, taking tutorials and talking to professional photographers around me. I purchased my own equipment to experiment with. I audited a course Digital Photography and Light from Virginia Tech (Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, United States). I started with TFCD’s like every armature photographer and worked my way up to becoming a professional photographer. I have never stopped learning and still learning. I traveled to different parts of world to enhance my photography skills and a better understanding of light and its behavior.

I have completed another course “Portrait Photography in Studio & Natural Light” from International Center of Photography, New York that boosted me to achieve more as a professional photographer. Along with working as a freelance photographer time to time I have worked on different projects by different companies. Some of the places I have worked are mentioned below.

  • Worked as a yearbook photographer at Lors Photography NJ, United States
  • Worked as a wedding photographer at Elegant Events, Doha, Qatar.
  • Worked as a freelance Greek yearbook photographer at greekyearbook.com, United States.
  • Worked as a freelance retail photographer at retailnetgroup.com, United States.
  • Worked as a freelance grad event photographer for gradimages.com, United States.